Stooshe | Black Heart (Official Video)

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I don't like it when you break me honey
why'd ya have to do that..

Tell me when you make these tears keep falling..
Do you feel like a man?

Figure figure there's no working you out
Only one way i can sum you up
You got a Black Heart

Daddy I fallen for a monster
Somehow he's scaring me to death
He's big and he's bad
I love him like mad
Mumma he's the best I ever had
Daddy I fallen for a monster
He got a Black Heart

No walls to build around me honey
Coz you blew my house down
Sticks and stones won't put it back up for me
and that's where we are now...

Sicker Sicker I ain't feeling your mouth
what so ever
Naming hurts me more than weight thrown around but... whatever
you got a Black Heart"

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